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Correspondence Transcription

While it may not deliver the kind of material that movies are made of, legal correspondence serves as one of the cornerstones of the legal work executed in law firms around the country. In fact, a large part of legal transcriptions involves the transcription of legal correspondence.

These transcriptions include:

  • Correspondence drafted on the behalf of clients
  • Communications sent to clients, judges, agencies, and institutions
  • Letters of undertaking
  • Advisory letters

Beside the accurate transcription of dictated or recorded correspondence, much of the work in correspondence transcription involves proper formatting of the appropriate documents. This formatting can be governed by personal preference or legal protocol, depending on the nature of the correspondence. In either case, the quality of each correspondence is directly related to the skills and experience of the transcriptionist assigned to the task.

GMR Legal Transcription delivers an unmatched quality in correspondence transcriptions both in terms of accuracy and the formatting of each document. Our transcriptionists, well versed in legal protocols and experienced in free form communications such as letters to clients, see to it
that your correspondence transcriptions meet your highest expectations.

To ensure that your correspondence transcriptions are of the highest accuracy and quality possible, GMR Legal Transcription puts every transcription through a four step quality assurance process. Corrections on our transcriptions are quite rare, but each correspondence
transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary. Formatting is also reviewed where legal protocols are involved.

GMR Legal Transcription backs its industry standard transcriptions with additional features designed make your transcription experience the best it can be. These features include strict confidentiality, affordable rates, an easy submission process for your audio files, and turnaround times which cater to your needs.

Delivering accurate and properly formatted transcriptions, backed by a great customer experience, makes the team at GMR Legal Transcription your logical choice for all of your correspondence transcription needs.

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