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Deposition Transcription

Deposition Transcription is an extremely sensitive form of transcription due to the use of depositions as proxies for spoken testimony in court. These out of court testimonies, conducted under oath and subject to the same rules and laws as those given in court, play a vital role in legal matters. In many cases, the amount of testimonies given in depositions is greater than that of the witnesses in court.
The exact rendering of statements, information, and nuance, which form the foundation of all depositions, plays a critical role in both their review and their presentation to the court, if necessary. Considering that an entire case can turn on a single word, the accuracy of a deposition transcription must be perfect.
Getting 100% accuracy in a deposition transcription requires a team of dedicated transcriptionists with expertise across a broad spectrum of legal matters. Transcriptionists must also be well versed in legal jargon, terms, and the deposition process to ensure that the resulting transcription is of the highest possible quality.
To ensure the accuracy and quality of each deposition transcription, all transcripts submitted by our skilled and experienced transcriptionists go through a four step quality assurance process. During this process, each transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary, prior to its return to you. GMR Legal Transcription applies the same standards and processes to other out of court activities as well, including interrogations, witness preparation, and legal briefs.
The dedicated and experienced team at GMR Legal Transcription handles each deposition transcription with a primary goal of delivering the highest standard of professional care in the industry. Additional features offered by GMR Legal Transcription include a two step submission process for the utmost in convenience, a predictable rate structure designed to fit in your budget, and turnaround times designed to meet your schedule.
These features, combined with our uncompromising transcription quality, make the team at GMR Legal Transcription an easy choice to meet all of your deposition transcription needs.
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