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GMR Legal Transcription Service launches a new website geared to improved transcription quality and client satisfaction

  • GMR Legal Transcription Service announces launch of its new website with vastly added features to help manage more transcription jobs.
  • The new website would help manage its panel of transcriptionists spread across four countries, manage its business more efficiently, and make it easier and faster for clients to upload voice files.

Tustin, CA, February, 2006…GMR Legal Transcription Service, a Tustin, CA based affordable transcription service provider, announced launch of its latest website with improved functionalities for voice file upload and downloads; and several new features. The website would enable clients to quickly upload any number and size of voice files, and have transcripts automatically emailed to clients after the payment for the transcription is made. It will also enable GMR Legal Transcription Service to allocate voice files for transcription to an appropriate transcriptionist in its panel seamlessly on a file by file basis. The transcriptionist would get the file without any information about the owner of the file; which further seals its already stringent privacy process of protecting clients files for transcription. A new client will be able to register, upload his/her voice file(s) for transcription, get notified when the transcription is completed, pay for the work and receive transcribed files in MS word format through email without ever talking to anyone in the company. In spite of a significant investment in this new website and associated cost to maintain it, the cost of transcription service at GMR Legal Transcription Service would be still among the lowest in the industry. Speaking about the development, Minu Prasad, Owner, GMR Legal Transcription Service said, “I am pleased to announce the launching of this new website. The new website addresses some of the weaknesses of our current website — like time to upload large files and not-so-intuitive downloading of transcribed files. New features of this website also allow us more flexibility to seamlessly manage transcriptionists currently spread across four countries. This ability would help us better match transcription job with the right transcriptionist, which I am sure would result in even higher client satisfaction ratings for us.” “Given that our panel of transcriptionists is spread across US, India, UK, and Canada; the added features of this new website will dramatically help me manage our business, improve turnaround time, and offer much higher quality transcription service.” said Shreekant, VP Operations of GMR Legal Transcription Service.

About GMR Legal Transcription Service

GMR Legal Transcription Service is a transcription service company focused on affordable & accurate transcription of lectures, focus groups, board meetings, 1on1 interviews, legal depositions, dictation, sermons, conferences, Psychiatrist and Psychologist sessions, and other similar projects. Its services are ideal for Professors, Students, Market Researchers, Preachers, Law Offices & Lawyers, Small & Large Businesses, Insurance Companies and Writers. While GMR Legal Transcription Service mainly focuses on non-medical transcription, it also provides medical transcription work through its associates. Headquartered in Tustin, CA, GMR Legal Transcription works through its panel of transcriptionists based in US, UK, Canada & India.

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