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Trial Transcription

Trial transcription is a highly sensitive transcription service which requires an extremely high level of precision. The sometimes chaotic nature of court trials and the necessity of delivering transcriptions which accurately reflect trial dialogue require experienced transcriptionists with exceptional attention to detail. Complications encountered during a trial can include complex legal terminology, multiple of trial participants speaking at the same time, and heated arguments between attorneys, judges, and witnesses.

The transcription of trial dialogue is an extremely important facet of court proceedings, serving as a written record of all conversations held during the course of the hearing. High accuracy representations of witness testimonies, questioning and arguments from attorneys, as well as rulings from the bench must be captured with precision in the subsequent transcription. The necessity of this precision lies in the importance of every word uttered during a hearing and the possibility that a single mistake in transcription could affect the trial’s outcome in a material way.

The production of highly accurate trial transcriptions requires talented transcriptionists with varied talents. These talents include a deep understanding of legal jargon, the ability to decipher heavy accents, a thorough comprehension of trial protocols, and the capability to determine who is saying what, particularly when multiple voices are recorded simultaneously.

In order to deliver the best transcriptions possible, GMR Legal Transcription incorporates a four step quality assurance process. The integrity of our transcriptionists’ work means that there are rarely any corrections, but each trial transcription is still re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

Appreciating the sensitive nature of trial proceedings, GMR Legal Transcription provides the highest level of confidentiality for every transcription, following strict in-house policies regarding disclosure and document control. State of the art internal processes allow for a convenient two step submission process for your audio files as well as a turnaround of completed transcriptions when you need them. We also offer a transparent and predictable rate schedule which is very affordable and eliminates pricing surprises.

With GMR Legal Transcription you’ll get all these features along with the highest quality trial transcriptions in the industry. Considering that, it’s an easy decision to make us your choice for all your trial transcription needs.

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